Translation Village events are organised collectively by a group of translators and interpreters, and this year the festival highlights many talented translation experts, musicians, dance performers and workshop facilitators across a wide variety of multilingual and transcultural disciplines.


We have been organizing wide-reaching public events on translation and smaller gatherings over the past five years. Each of them forms part of the richness that makes ImvrosFest the place to be for anyone who contributes to the production and distribution of knowledge and information through translation and interpretation.

Do not miss this extraordinary festival experience!

Translation Workshops

Forum: Working Conditions in the Translation Industry: Problems and Concerns

This workshop will include participatory group discussions and experience sharing activities about our working conditions and wellbeing in the translation industry, and share ideas on how to improve them.


Translation Cooperatives and Solidarity Economy Models
in the Translation Industry: The Case of Guerrilla Translation

In this workshop we will discuss translation cooperatives and solidarity economy models by focusing on the case of Guerrilla Translation, an open translation cooperative based in Spain. We will analyse their innovative business and translation model, and discuss the possibilities of implementing their model in our contexts.

In this forum we will hold participatory group discussions about how to improve our working conditions and wellbeing in the translation industry.



Gökhan is a PhD Student and Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Surrey, Center for Translation Studies and currently do research in the area of collaborative and cooperative translation in digital economy. Before joining the University of Surrey, he worked in the publishing and translation industries for more than ten years as a book translator, editor, copy-editor, project coordinator, operations manager, business development manager, technology consultant and trainer. ​


Berivan is currently working as a translator and English teacher. She took folk dance training and she loves establishing close ties with different cultures. Berivan worked in various non-governmental organizations as a translator and she will also responsible for the Kurdish Dances workshop at the festival.


Aykut studied Translation and Interpreting Studies at Boğaziçi University and graduated in 2015. On his sophomore year, he started working in the localization industry and he is a freelance translator. He specialized in the translation of IT, marketing, and e-learning/e-training contents. Reaping the benefits of being a freelance, he decided to leave Istanbul, and moved to Fethiye in 2017. Aykut is also an advanced paragliding pilot (Level P5, standards of Fédération Aéronautique Internationale).

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