We’ve designed this event in the spirit of the warming and hopeful words of an Imvrosian musician called Timoleon, who says, “Life is short; we need love, we need music”. 

Music is a huge part of our festival, bringing together artists, performers and singers to share stories and culture with the audience through songs and dance.



Ayanbeyan were founded in Izmir in 2012 and have performed concerts in many venues and universities in Izmir and abroad. They prioritise improvisation in their music, creating a unique atmosphere by bringing together experimental, ambient, rock and traditional music. The band are made up of Kenan Arat (guitar), Mehmet Denizci (trumpet), Burak Karadavut (saxophone), Can Değer Dülgeroğlu (keyboard), Anıl Acıhan (bass) and Burakcan Yiğit (drums). Ayanbeyan won the runner-up prize at Roxy Music Days in 2016.

Sinafi Trio

Sinafi trio consists of three Greek musicians who met in Istanbul. Since 2014, they have been travelling together, reciting stories from the cafe aman taverns and the meyhanes of Istanbul; stories of exile, separation, love and revelry from the wider region of Anatolia, the Aegean Sea and Greece.


A group of musicians merging music and traveling with a global repertoire. Zurna, clarinet, kaval, sipsi, and Oğur sazı meet strings and percussions to sound out the rich cultural tones of Anatolia, the Balkans, and beyond. Based in Istanbul, musicians from different countries cultivate the repertoire and inspirations of their musical journey. Founded in Strasbourg, France, in 2017 by singer Ceren Kaçar, multi-instrumentalist Ozan Demir and violinist Gabriel Meidinger, Seyyah has lived through numerous musicians and countries. Seyyah’s music reflects these journeys and encounters through the prism of traditional music from Asia Minor, the Balkans, and beyond. Their repertoire includes tunes in different languages such as Turkish, Greek, Macedonian, Kurdish, Bosnian, and Armenian.

Ruşen Alkar

Ruşen Alkar was born in Diyarbakir. She started her music education at Diyarbakır Fine Arts High School, studying Music Teaching at İzmir Dokuz Eylül University and a Master’s at the same department, before accomplishing her PhD at the Fine Arts Institute of İzmir Dokuz Eylül University in Music Science. During her academic studies, Alkar has presented her work at national and international symposiums on Identity, Gender, Oral Culture, and Cultural Hegemony, and has been working as a Music Teacher since 2001. 

Imvros Ensemble

Imvros Ensemble was formed spontaneously during casual gatherings in the garden of local musician Timoleon Çaknis on Imvros Island. The group of musicians perform local songs of Imvros and its neighbouring islands. The songs they play survive mainly through the narration of Timoleon Çaknis. 

Timoleon Çaknis (violin), Kemal Yazgan (lute), Şenol Aktürk (guitar), Alihan Erdoğan (classical guitar) and Ezgi Ceylan (vocals) invite all Imvros lovers to expand this spontaneous “ensemble” and accompany them in their songs during the warm island evenings.

More information: www.duvarlarbilebiliyor.com

Deli Reçel

Deli Reçel was founded in Turkey in 2015. The band perform their music under the umbrella of Balfolk İstanbul, the first Balfolk dance group of Turkey. Deli Reçel, whose musicians have changed over time, continues its journey as a duo. Kardelen Pınar plays violin, while Kaan Sancaktar plays accordion. Apart from the standard Balfolk repertoire (Scottish, Mazurka, Polka, Circassian circle, Bouree etc.), they also play music from various regions of the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Serbest Bölge

Serbest Bölge started as a project of “pleasure” by Murat Öztürk, Barış Güvenenler and Torab Majlesi in 2005. In the meantime, the band appeared in many concerts and started to work on an album with its unique sound in 2018. Serbest Bölge performs avant-garde and world music sound with a strong taste of ethnic, funk and jazz.


Naranjaman, mostly playing old school sounds in his sets, started his active music career in 2006 as a selecta in Nayah. In 2010, he worked as a tonmeister at Nayah Music Club and various events. He took part in projects such as Beton Orman, Nayah Sound System, Sirenfest, and Reggaezine. Naranjaman started to light the reggae fire in Gökçeada in 2017 after a three year break from music performances.

DJ Gülsemin

Gülsemin started her DJing career in Çanakkale (Şişe Bar) and has been playing for more than 20 years in various venues, including Istanbul Cambaz, Nar Pera, Balkon, Sail Loft (Yalıkavak), Sefahathane and Baylo. She enjoys floating around different genres and musical tastes and usually performs funk, nu-disco and house tracks.

Get ready for a refreshing camping experience at Imvros Island

ImvrosFest - AfterMovie - 18-21 August 2022, Imvros Island